10 syytä osallistua Kuntouta keskivartalo -valmennukseen

1. Aloita maltilla, asiantuntijoiden opastuksessa
Liian kova treeni liian nopeasti saattaa johtaa ikäviin seurauksiin ja hidastaa synnytyksen jälkeistä kuntoutumista. Treeni on ilman muuta hyväksi ja keho hyötyy turvallisista treeneistä palautuessaan raskaudesta ja synnytyksestä, mutta ota huomioon mikä on keholle juuri nyt hyväksi. 

2. Lantionpohjan vahvistaminen 
Jos lantionpohja on heikko, vatsaonteloon painetta aiheuttavat liikkeet, kuten vatsarutistukset tai punnerrukset saattavat aiheuttaa painetta myös lantionpohjaan ja hidastaa paranemista tai jopa edesauttaa kohdun. tai emättimen laskeuman syntymistä. Ensimmäisiä liikkeitä, joiden avulla voit aloittaa treenin raskauden ja synnytyksen jälkeen ovat lantionpohjan harjoitukset, joilla me Kuntouta keskivartalo -valmennuksessa aloitamme.


3. Repairing diastasis recti
It is very common that women experience a separation of the abdominal muscles. So, when easing back to an abdominal workout, be mindful not to overdo it. To avoid and fix it, and to get a flat tummy, you’ll need to know what is safe to do in order not to harm your body. All exercises in Sage and Strong course are safe even though you’ve suffered from abdominal separation.The exercises are designed to fix diastasis recti. All exercises are also medically recommended and suitable after c-section.

4. Goodbye lower back pains
One of the first things women notice when starting to strengthen the core is that all kinds of back pains disappear. The separation of abdominal muscles increases the risk of various back problems and poor posture. A good posture is a prerequisite for flexible and graceful movement and also a person with a good posture looks healthier, younger, more self-confident, and more energetic.

5. No more leaking - laugh, run and jump with no worries
Pelvic floor training has been proven to treat postpartum urinary incontinence, which is very common after giving birth. Pregnancy and delivery weakens muscles around the bladder and pelvis, but with safe exercises, you will be able to control your bladder and enjoy life at the fullest.

6. Improve your sex life
Lack of use or training of pelvic floor, as any muscles, causes them to weaken. Training pelvic floor muscles enhances sexual arousal and pleasure. Taking care of yourself and feeling good and confident in your body has a major effect on feeling sexy and desirable.

7. Time to relax
Including a few moments a day to simply relax can really help to reduce your stress levels. If you are feeling rested and restored, you will have so much more to offer to those that need you.

8. Improve the quality of everyday life
Feel good about yourself, feel fit and more energetic. You’ll also care for your child in the best possible way by taking care of yourself and being a happy, physically and mentally well-balanced mother. 

9. Finland has the w
orld's best maternity healthcare 
This course is designed in Finland, which is known for the world's best maternity healthcare and being the happiest country in the world. With Nordic Fit Mama you can get an expert to your home - regardless where you live. The best information is now available for you, as our goal is to help mothers all around the world. All exercises are safe, tested and medically approved.

10. Easy to participate
You get simple training instructions every day. With this course you’ll learn how to rehabilitate your body fast! Exercises won’t take more than 10 minutes a day and they are doable wherever, and whenever you have time. 

"Nordic Fit Mama understands that new moms are understandably pressed for time, tired, and can only give so much every day and this course is intended to help you, energize you, heal your abdominal muscles and respect your time as a new mama." 

This is by far the easiest way to get back in shape after pregnancy!

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